Minifigure Tags for The LEGO® Collectible Minifigure Series 15 (set# 71011)


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Complement your collection with the all-new FIGTAGS™ Minifigure Tags! 

  • Collectible Minifigure Identifiers for The LEGO® Collectible Minifigure Series 15 (set# 71011)
  • 16 complete character identifiers custom printed on LEGO® Element 243126 Flat Tile (1x4)
  • The set comes with 16 LEGO® Element 6089577 Angle Plate/Bracket (1x2/1x4)
  • The tags features the series theme color as background
  • 32 LEGO® pieces in total, complete character labels include:

Farmer, Astronaut, Frightening Knight, Clumsy Guy, Tribal Woman, Flying Warrior, Faun, Animal Control Officer, Janitor, Ballerina, Laser Mech, Kendo Fighter, Shark Suit Guy, Wrestling Champion, Jewel Thief, Queen

Note: The Minifigure set, their accessories, the 4x4 standing plates and the Minifigure Display Frame and as seen on this listing are for visual representation purposes only. They are sold separately and are NOT part of the listing item.

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