• Use a soft, lint-free cloth that is free of dyes or chemicals. Slightly dampen the cloth with water and make sure not to use harsh or abrasive cleansers. We do not recommend any type of conditioner, or chemical to be placed on your FIGTAGS/Roma frames and moulding 
  • A simple dusting of the frame, and cleaning it with a clean, damp cloth should help keep your frames looking good for its expected life. Cleaning your frame twice a year is recommended
  • Remember that our frames are made from wood and other natural materials, which can be affected by age, exposure to sun, heating, cooling and humidity
    • Remove excess dust or dirt from the surface of the plexiglass using a blow dryer with the setting set to its coolest/lowest (Do NOT heat plexiglass)
    • Avoid using a usual duster or rough cloth. Making direct, dry contact with surface particles using your hand or a cloth can actually grind them into the material and may scratch the surface
    • Once dirt is removed, you can use a lint-free cloth to lightly wipe the surface. You can also use a soft bristle brush to remove dust
      Recommended Steps in Handling,  Collection and Build Arrangements
      1. To protect from scratches while handling and arranging your collections, place a cloth (bath towels will suffice), or any soft fabric material, large enough to cover the size of the frame on a flat surface.
      2. Unpack the frame from the packaging/box and place it face-down on the flat surface.
      3. To release the frame backing, unscrew all the turn-buttons and slide slightly within the mould area and screw back to lock.
      4. With one hand supporting the frame backing, lift one side of the frame and quickly turn the frame up and place the frame on the surface.
      5. Lift the frame/moulding and put it aside facing up.
      6. Ensure to first assemble all the pieces of your collections together. Attach your collections to your preferred standing display plate and attach their corresponding Minifigure Tags if there is any. Work on your desired arrangements, positioning and placing your collection or builds within the baseplate display area. 
      7. Vertically press the standing display plate firmly on the  background plate. When you are done, place the frame back on top of the frame backing.
      8. Align all sides of the frame and the frame backing, and turn the frame up-side-down.
      9. If the backing is not flushed flat on the frame, then your display pieces are too thick.  DO NOT force to close the frame if any of the pieces come in contact with the plexiglass. (see NOTE)
      10. Once the backing is flushed flat on the frame, screw all the turn-buttons back to lock to secure the frame backing.
      11. Display your frame hanging on a wall or place standing on any flat surface or table.
      NOTE:  The inside depth of the frame is approximately no more than 2in.  Any builds or collections (e.g. BRICKHEADZ, buildable figures, micro builds) that are more than 2 inches in depth requires modification.  Make sure that you also provide additional support for builds that are heavy.  We use extra plates and bricks, like a 4x4  or 2x4 plates, 4x2 angle brackets, various sizes of regular bricks and modified bricks and plates to support the pieces.