Quality and craftsmanship (custom and hand made)

Each FIGTAGS™ Display Frames is handcrafted by professional frame makers using only the highest quality woods. You get all the 100% made-in-Italy craftsmanship that Roma Moulding is world famous for without the toxins and chipping that are associated with other value brands.

Custom-printed background on genuine LEGO® 10x10 Baseplate

The frame comes with a genuine LEGO 10x10 baseplate. Any high resolution artworks or images can be custom printed as backgrounds. Solid colour background is another option. We are  using a commercial printer to print the artworks and feeds the printer with the baseplate into two runs, thereby ensuring the images will last long.

*Universal and Gallery Standard Display

The 16in (width) x 16in (height) x 2.5in (depth) dimension is adapted in a slick modern design to greatly enhance the display of your collections. You have an unrestricted arrangements, positioning and placement options to display your collections within the baseplate area. With 2 inches acid-free mat on all sides, plus the inside depth of approximately 2 inches allows you to affix LEGO® plates with a width/length of up to 6x6 plate to use as standing and display plate for your collections. The frames can be wall-hanged or left standing on any flat surface.

* Minor modifications may be required for some BRICKHEADZ, Micro Builds, Buildable figures and other models to fit in the frame.